We are CHIEF. Fearlessly going where others dare not tread, bringing humanity and truth to everything we do, taking chances, risking failure, going for it.

That’s what we do.

Chris Lester Chris Lester

1Our Philosophy

Brave Brands Change the Conversation

Great brands project personality, get their story straight and know where they’re coming from. Reinvention and alignment are the new daily rituals of staying relevant. If your brand’s not changing the conversation, you’re losing ground.

Chris Lester
Jeff Walter Jeff Walter

2Our Philosophy

Brave Brands Inspire

Every brand has a unique story. Great brands amplify their story in a way that connects, engages and inspires their audience to be part of it.

Jeff Walter
Design Director
Zaid White Zaid White

3Our Philosophy

Brave Brands Make it Count

The market is crowded with competing messages, and attention spans are short. If you want your voice to be remembered, you need to speak loudly and say something worth hearing.

Zaid White
Senior Interactive Designer
Kim Riley Kim Riley

4Our Philosophy

Brave Brands Take a Stand

Brave brands stand for something important. Something remarkable. Something their customers think is worth doing. They're driven by a purpose that stretches far beyond their bottom line.

Kim Riley
Director of Client Services
Anuj Vedak Anuj Vedak

5Our Philosophy

Brave Brands Live It With Actions

You don’t tell people what your brand is. You live it. A brand that strays from its true self is a brand that alienates its customers and risks a swift demise. True branding comes from actions and values, not taglines.

Anuj Vedak
Scott Johnson Scott Johnson

6Our Philosophy

Brave Brands Embrace Change

Brave brands are not only better positioned to successfully embrace change, but are far more likely to leverage change as a key competitive advantage.

Scott Johnson
Scott Oppenheim Scott Oppenheim

7Our Philosophy

Brave Brands Motivate

Brand personalities are shaped by audience perceptions. Brilliant brands reinforce those perceptions through stories and design that motivate on a physical level. You’ve got to feel it to believe it and believe it to want it.

Scott Oppenheim
Senior Interactive Designer